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Hey! My name is Cory .. or otherwise known as 'The Wizard' - Although today I focus a lot of my creative energy towards creating impactful photography and videography, my creative talents originate from a history of graphic design, marketing & illustration.

I guess you could say I'm a man that wears many hats - Most creatives tend to have a specific or 'niche' style or look that they can iconically stamp as their own and they tend to stick to it. The skills that I have acquired over time allow me to not only create content that suits each individual person or business whom i work with, but also be able to creatively cover alot of different industries - To put it simply, I can create almost any look or style that is needed.

I am always open to ideas and forever looking for new challenges to undertake - If you have a concept or job that requires a talented and creative mind - you've found me!